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Grand Frank

Grand Frank is a brand that has set out to question the traditional fashion industry. Their approach sounds like the new business model that’s come into the fore due to the rise of the internet. You know—no middleman, direct to the people, great quality, fair price.

A little background—the brand is designed in Sweden with materials coming from around the globe from India, Italy, and beyond. According to founder Erik Bergstrom, the clothing is designed with a Scandinavian look—with modern cuts and a selection of interesting prints in the mix.

About the offerings:

Bergstrom’s description certainly fits here. The shirts are slim-cut, modern, and there’s no shortage of wild patterns. A lot of these shirts come with prints that certainly look at home at the flea market—with a new twist. Pinks, flowers, palm trees, flamingos can all be found on the site, and most shirts cost about $80 a pop. For the color averse, there are plenty of whites, blues, and checks to balance things out.

The site only offers slim-cut shirts, so it’s clear that Grand Frank isn’t really for all body types or styles. So, those who need a bit more room or want a relaxed fit probably should shop elsewhere.

The knitwear section offers a bit more variety. Here, you'll find several graphic sweaters and sweatshirts—which we didn’t love. Nor did we care for the large letter G featured prominently on some of the cardigans on the site.

Beyond the logo-ed stuff that we felt was a bit gauche, there were some nice pieces. Take, for example, the Teal Shawl Collar Cardigan. This is a basic shawl cardigan in this, rich, deep shade. And at $92, this is a great buy. 100% cotton, seed-stitch, topped off with brown leather buttons. A classic piece, if there ever was such a thing.

Then there’s the intelligent henley—a lightweight henley style sweater thin enough to be worn as a shirt in the winter, but it also works as a layering piece. What makes this sweater intelligent is, the Merino wool is woven with something called Coolmax fabric, which aims to keep you cool when temperatures rise, and nice and cozy when it cools off. This could be a good option for going indoors to outdoors—when AC is blasting, or someone turns up the heat.


The fit of these shirts is incredibly tight. A lot of men recommended getting one size up if you don’t want that look—but it seems that the clothing is of decent quality and the price isn’t so bad.

This is entirely subjective, but we didn’t love a lot of the patterns or the clothing that featured logos. We like that they’re doing something different than creating another line of basics in a limited color palette. However, the tropical prints coupled with the sweaters wasn’t something we liked very much. It conjures up images of people pretending its warm out by wearing bright colors in the winter.

Finally, because the clothes are made from cotton—at least most of the shirts—they can get wrinkled pretty easily. Which, for a casual shirt, that might not be such a big thing. But for a dress shirt, it can kind of ruin the look after a few hours of wear.

Would we recommend Grand Frank?

Ultimately, we felt that Grand Frank was a mixed bag. The clothing is decent quality, the price falls into that accessible without being cheap sweet spot, and there are some great pieces in the mix. Some of the knitwear is perfect for guys who want to add a few extra cold weather staples to their wardrobe without breaking the bank.

That said, some of the shirts felt like a miss. If you’re looking for a short sleeve fitted button up for the summer, you may want to give Grand Frank a chance. However, we don’t see these offerings as daily wear material.

Long story short, steer clear of the branded sweatshirts and you may find some gems.

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