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Organic Basics

Organic Basics boasts a slick website. It’s done in the vein of a Glossier or a Hims, with a hint of NeedSupply—very white background, pastels and neutral tones that suggest a natural, upscale vibe that millennials gravitate to like moths to the flame.

Like many other modern brands in the space, Organic Basics got its start on Kickstarter—in fact, the campaign is still up—featuring a few products you won’t find on the official website.

About the Brand

The Scandinavian brand is all about keeping things sustainable. The Our Story page goes over some of the values—noting that most underwear is basically disposable and that they’re not here for fast-fashion.

The brand was started by four guys in 2015 who set out to create a line of underwear that built to last. Underwear is made from certified organic cotton, and they’ve chosen to keep things super basic. For example, the limited selection of clothing is made in just a handful of colors that won’t go out of style—no wild prints on cheeky panties, here. Instead, it’s all about the timeless designs and never anything seasonal.

The other part of the environmental approach here might be a bit controversial. For example, the company found that 2/3 of the environmental impact of clothing is the washing and drying we do to keep our underwear fresh.

In response to this problem, they created Silvertech fabric, a material that lets you wash your socks and underwear less often. Which, while super cool, might be a hard sell for a lot of guys out there. Especially the type that is obsessed with the perfect white tee shirt—and throws them away after a couple of wears.

How the SilverTech fabric works is, the silver thread is spun into the cotton, and it creates an antibacterial, odorless fabric that helps regulate body heat—read: reduces sweat. The idea is, you’ll get a few more wears out of each pair, cutting back on washing and conserving energy.

According to the site, you can technically wear the basics for a week at a time, but your mileage may vary, based on how much you sweat.

What Do They Have?

If it wasn’t obvious, Organic Basics is all about the undergarment. The men’s section features organic cotton boxers, socks, tees, and long sleeve shirts. The boxers come in one cut, a short boxer brief style. There are no briefs, no loose fit boxers, or teeny boy shorts. Socks come in the form of a trouser sock or an ankle sock, and tees in a regular fit crew neck style.

In all, there’s not much variety. You can choose to buy items in smaller units—a two-pack of boxers is the smallest package or load up with a 10-pack.

The women’s side gets a few extra things — like tanks and leggings, but that’s about it.

We do have to say, while online shopping and the infinite number of choices is part of the appeal at times, we liked that this brand has maintained a commitment to restraint. These basics they do have are well done and stand to flatter most body types.

Is the silver for real?

It seems like it does some damage control, for sure. This article in the Strategist tested the underwear and found that they did offer a bit more freshness than you’d get with non-silver underwear, but that after a few days, they didn’t exactly seem, well, clean. The writer brings up a good point—while silver has antibacterial properties, it doesn’t mean that the underwear is self-cleaning.

Additionally, the male reviewer said that he didn’t think these were as comfortable as Calvin Klein boxer briefs and that the underwear felt a bit scratchy.

We like the idea of sustainable basics you don’t have to wash as often, but the idea of a scratchy texture makes us bristle a bit. Still, the only reviews we encountered were from blogs like this one, or from bloggers who likely got the underwear for free.

A bit pricey

Okay, the clothing does contain silver, so we get that that drives up the price a bit. However, we could see this being a bit out of range for some guys.

The socks, for example, aren’t especially exciting, aside from the idea that you don’t have to wash them much. And a pack of three tees costs $128—which seems a bit high, given that these are regular undershirts.

Now, that’s not to say that it’s not worth it when you’re getting an excellent product that stands to help the environment. But—tee shirts are one of those things that don’t increase in quality with price. A single pair of boxers is $43, which honestly seems a bit insane.

The 10-pack of boxers is $183, which sounds like a lot up front, but buying in bulk brings the price down to ~$18 a pop. So, it’s not bad, but it’s a departure from buying your Fruit of the Looms at Target.

What’s the Verdict?

We like the look of the underwear and shirts, we love the concept, and overall, we think Organic Basics is a cool brand with a great mission.

There aren’t too many reviews across the web from men who have purchased from this brand, but we think the underwear compares to similar brands like Mack Weldon or Tommy John—both of which feature a line of silver underwear that reduces odor and regulates temperature.

Still, a regular pair of cotton boxer briefs will never lead you astray, so there’s no real need to spend a ton of cash on your underwear. The only downside is, you actually need to wash those cheaper pairs after every wear.

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