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Saturdays NYC

Saturdays NYC is a brand dedicated to providing men with the kind of wardrobe staples they’ll wear for the long haul. The general aesthetic is kind of an elevated basics look—which admittedly has been ruling the fashion space for a good few years at this point.

But, there are a few more fashion-y flourishes that punctuate the Saturdays lineup. It’s mostly solids, but interesting cuts make for standout shirts, and there’s a real effort that comes through—it’s almost like skate brand but for grown men who don’t want to look the lone adult at the skate park.

Brand Overview

The brand draws its inspiration from NYC’s surf culture—which is, apparently less about catching big waves and the sport of the whole thing than it is about chilling at the coast on the weekends, traveling, and culture. As such, the Saturdays NYC guy can be seen wearing puffer coats and rugby shirts with a subtle twist. Trenchcoats resemble kimonos, and the mostly neutral palette is punctuated with striking pinks and seafoams.

While Saturdays could do clothes only—they also have a digital magazine, sell grooming products, and seem to be making a go at the lifestyle space.

Our Picks

The puffer coats come to mind right off the bat. They’re the perfect balance between being a fashion coat and an actual piece of outerwear that’ll keep you warm in the winter months. The shorter, collarless option is an excellent pick for layering — a warm without being bulky, sleeping bag style experience.

Oh—and they also have shoes. Solid colored high tops, slip-ons and lace-ups are particularly cool options. We especially loved the Kai Abrasivato in black—it’s got a hint of shine but is reminiscent of your checkerboard Vans from your youth.

For the flashier guys out there, the brand just launched their pre-spring (winter?) 2019 shirts which are sort of an upgraded version of the types of shirts you might find on a vintage rack—wild shirts from the 70s with a Hunter S Thompson vibe. Except, these are $225 a pop.

For those who prefer something more understated, we like the denim long sleeve shirts--they’re washed out and distinctly square-shaped, so you’re getting a “look” albeit one that can fit into just about any casual outfit. There’s also the Omar Boucle Short Sleeve Shirt—which is almost like a polo mixed with a mock neck—no spread collar—it’s one of those plain, versatile pieces, but it has an unusual cut that can elevate a pair of jeans or casual trousers with literally no effort. And we should also mention, the shirt is cotton woven almost like linen—there’s a nice texture, which gives it a little extra oomph.

What We Weren’t Wild About

Ultimately, we did not love the $50 graphic tees. They look… fine, but they don’t seem to add anything to the man’s wardrobe, and your money would be better spent on some quality solids you can wear over and over. We also can’t imagine paying $48 on a pack of three bars of soap or $125 on a shaving kit. We get that these kinds of things are gift items sold in part for their packaging, but it feels a little out of touch—much like Goop or that Moon Juice lady.

On the other hand, what we liked about this brand was the focus on beach gear that actually looks good. So often you’ll find swim trunks, flip-flops, and the associated tees and tanks are decorated with child-like surf logos, ill-advised Hawaiian prints, or obnoxious colors. That’s not to say there’s not a bit of that stuff on the Saturdays site, but they offer a stylish approach to beach life that will appeal to city guys or those who want summer clothing that they can wear when they’re away from the water, too.

In all, Saturdays provide a coolness that most guys can pull off. Sure, some of the neon colors might be intimidating for the guys that fall firmly in the neutrals camp, but the coats, jackets, and sweaters are wearable. It’s the kind of elevated basics—with a twist—that can shake up your wardrobe in subtle ways.

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