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Comfortable Club – Still Accepting New Members?

An underwear brand that got their start on Kickstarter, the Comfortable Club—now Bensly—is another entry into the premium underpants game. Like Tommy John, Saxx, and others, the brand offers stay-put comfort that has a pretty decent-sized fan base. But, unlike other investment pieces—like the perfect blazer, a tailored suit, full-grain leather Chelsea boots—few people will see your underwear in its full, super-soft glory.

That said, the price point isn’t terrible here. The CEO took to Reddit a couple of years back to defend the pricing. Comfortable Club was charging about $16 per pair at the time and brought up the fact that people are happily shelling out $35 per pair for Calvin Klein underwear—and instead, they’ve opted to go the direct to consumer route—creating brand-less, high-quality items and cutting out the middleman to avoid passing on the markup.

Today, retail prices have risen to CK levels and it’s unclear if this brand will be around for much longer. Here’s a little more about what we found and what’s worth trying to get your hands on while you have the chance.

What makes this underwear special?

The underwear receives entry into the “club” based on its super soft construction. The fabric is made out of 92% Beechwood Modal with a hint of stretch via 8% elastane. Huffington Post described the brand as the “fluffy cloud” of all unmentionables.

There’s no doubt that the Comfortable Club delivers on that buttery soft experience—and their lineup of solid colored boxer briefs, tees, and hoodies stand to bring a touch of coziness to your day-to-day.

Still, the site is a bit confusing. It seems that the brand is in the midst of changing their name—for example, the site links to another site, Bensly.com, which offers a selection of super soft underwear themselves. This time made with South African Eucalyptus Tencel.

The Bensly underwear is currently 70% off—meaning, much of the men's styles are just $10—which, is pretty darn amazing. The regular price is $34 per pair, which, may seem like a splurge for something like a pair of underpants. The other difference is that the Comfortable Club boxer briefs featured a horizontal fly (a controversial construction, to be sure), whereas Bensly has opted to take the classic route.

What We Liked

Honestly, there’s not much to work with here. Bensly’s site is sparse and has an “everything must go” vibe. However, they make a good product. Users can choose from a small selection of colors, all solid, and currently, they can restock their underwear drawer at a lower price.

The site also sells tee shirts--men can choose from a crew neck or v-neck style and a handful of colors. Shirts are $24, which isn’t a bad price for a tee—and the site promises a heavy, yet soft and breathable construction a blend of 90% Tencel and spandex, woven into a four-way Jersey Knit.

Additionally, you can buy sweats and hoodies from these guys, too. Sweats are made from Pima cotton and woven into a French terry fabric. Hoodies are a pretty good price, $58 for a US-made, basic sweatshirt—which in this golden age of athleisure, seems like something of a steal.


There are no real cons associated with this brand, but it's interesting that the new site contains very little information about the products they sell, where Comfortable Club had a whole story about their soft underwear and sustainable process. Bensly offers about six different products and limited information.

The pricing is unclear, too. It looks like all items are on sale, but it’s presented in a way that the sale price is next to the retail price—something brands like Everlane do to show how much customers save by shopping from the direct-to-consumer site. Bensly doesn’t say how long the sale lasts when new stock is coming in, or if they’re trying to offload their stock before closing.

What’s the Verdict?

Ultimately, we liked everything from a basics perspective. For example, this seems like an excellent way to get some quality shirts, sweats, and underwear at a relatively affordable price point. All items are very plain—but that’s all you want if you’re in the market for the tees that serve as the casual foundation of your wardrobe. Hoodies are plush and a little stretchy, perfect for your post-gym walk to the car, running errands and wearing when you hit the hiking trail.

The problem is, it looks like Bensly is running low on stock. And on the Comfortable Club side, that site is still up—and still selling men's underwear for $21 a pop. In the end, we just didn’t know what to make of this brand—but it might be worthwhile to head over to either site and stock up on base layers before they’re gone.

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