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UNTUCKit – The Solution to A Problem You Didn’t Know You Had

UNTUCKit is a brand that makes shirts made to be left, well, untucked. The shirts come with a slightly curved hemline, shorter than what you’d find with a standard dress shirt. The idea is that men no longer have to choose between an overly formal, tucked-in look and sloppy shirttails just flapping about.

However, men have long been wearing their flannels and denim button-ups untucked, so this almost seems like a manufactured problem, at least at first blush.

UNTUCKit is a startup founded by Chris Riccobono and Aaron Sanandres in 2011. The pair worked out of Riccobono’s apartment and raised 150,000 from friends and family to start their brand—centered around the idea of a shorter hem that won’t blow around in the wind, or dangle awkwardly over your pants.

While shorter shirts are a relatively simple idea—the founders claim that this was a chronic problem they found among men—who complained about sloppy-looking casual wear.

Some “Controversy” in the Press

The menswear brand has received more press mentions than we’d typically see for shirts with a gimmicky selling point. The New Yorker looked at the brand just last year, raising the question, why there even are shirts that are explicitly made to be worn untucked?

This Esquire article took the stance that UNTUCKit is over-complicating things —noting that shirts, of course, have always been worn untucked, especially casual button-ups.

And, yeah—we tend to agree. You don’t see a lot of guys tucking well-worn flannels into their jeans.

But, Riccobono insists that men wanted a shirt that buttoned up without having to be tucked in. He says it’s a matter of an inch or two, but it makes all the difference.

The Esquire article states that the hemline problem is one that doesn’t really exist—it’s more of an invented problem that manufacturers use to sell products. However, the utility seems largely dependent on a man’s height.

The Men’s Fashion Advice Reddit community is torn on whether the short hemlines make a difference or if untucking is fine — no matter where your shirt is from. What it seems to boil down to is the man’s height. See, men don’t have the advantage of a “petite’s” section like women do, so shorter guys are sometimes out of luck when it comes to finding clothing that fits off the rack.

Shirts and More -- A Look at UNTUCKit's Offerings

Regarding the actual product, the shirts come in a variety of colors and patterns. Shirts fall just above the belt and feature a tiny triangle logo on the side of the shirt with the holes.

What we liked about the site is, UNTUCKit caters to a variety of body types. Shirts run from X-small to XXXL and come in five different fits, slim, regular, tall regular, tall slim, or relaxed.

You’ll find plaids, chambrays, flannels, and more—as well as a selection of jackets, puffer vests, and other “upscale casual” items made to complement the signature button-up.

Most shirts cost around $88-$98 each, which falls into a price point that founder Chris Riccobono calls, thoughtful acquisition—i.e., quality pieces that are somewhat affordable, but far from fast fashion prices.

In looking through the collection, we found there was a lot of stuff that looks pretty good. You’ll find wrinkle-free shirts, flannels, chambrays, Henleys, and polos—all with that shorter hemline. Unlike some the other brands we’ve seen as of late, UNTUCKit offers their wares in a variety of colors —not just the same muted palette of greens, grays, and blacks you’ll find with all these minimalist millennial brands.

So, What’s the Verdict?

It’s hard to say. On the one hand, the idea that a shirt you don’t have to tuck in is somehow revolutionary is a bit ridiculous. However, the brand has its fans to the extent that they keep opening new stores. Smaller men seem more impressed by the shorter hemlines, as long shirts can be a big pain. But, taller guys likely won’t need to shop here unless they really like the patterns or something.

Regarding style—the clothing appears to be of decent quality—and comes in a wide range of colors and prints that accommodate any man’s style—whether he’s looking for something colorful and modern or a muted, minimal approach.

As we mentioned above, UNTUCKit shirts aren’t exactly slimming. The shirts cut you off in a way that adds a little extra something to the midsection. Which may put some guys off of the brand.

That said, it might pay to keep the sizing recommendations in mind if you’re concerned about finding a flattering cut.

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