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Bluffworks – Traveling Pants You Can Take Anywhere

Bluffworks sells what they call travel clothes. Which, we’re not sure is a thing—at least outside of the walls of your local REI. Aren’t travel clothes just, well, the clothes you wear when you travel?

Actually, Bluffworks says no.

Clothing is built to look polished and professional, but without the extra care needed to say, take them to the dry cleaner or press them when you’re on the move. These are performance clothes that don’t come in neon colors or look more at home in the gym.

So, at a glance, we’re definitely intrigued, here.

They’ve created a collection of pants that aim to fit into your life. Made from wrinkle-free fabrics, you can ball these babies up into a suitcase, wash them without special instructions and throw ‘em on.

Bluffworks Pros

The pants are similar to other travel clothing—they look a lot like Outlier’s durable digs, and also are appropriate for a range of situations from casual work environments to hiking, biking, and moving around. We liked the range of colors provided—you won’t get a huge selection, but there’s a decent variety in case you’d like to order multiple pairs. 

One small thing we found was if you’re someone who wants to cuff their pants, Bluffworks’ offerings don’t reveal that “sports fabric” on the reverse that you’ll find with some of those other travel gear options on the market. Instead, you can cuff these guys, add some loafers—socks or not—and rock them like a standard chino.

Some customers say you can get away with wearing these to fancier occasions, but it depends. We see these as a chino alternative, not necessarily something you can use to replace a suit.

Extra touches are what make these pants “travel-friendly.” So, aside from being stretchy, all-weather, and wrinkle-resistant, these pants come equipped with a rear zipper pocket, a hidden front pocket with a security zipper, and an integrated phone pocket.

The phone pocket sits above the back pockets so that you won’t sit on your phone, and zippers, of course, keep you from losing your items while you’re on the go—and have the benefit of adding an extra step for pickpockets.

And it’s not just pants. The Grammercy Blazer is a casual blazer—that works for daytime engagements, dates, and situations where you may need to clean up a bit—it’s not a full-blown suit jacket, but it occupies that space between formal and casual quite nicely. Like the chinos and the original Bluffs, the blazer comes with secret, zippered pockets and is machine washable and wrinkle-free.

The site says it was hard to create the product, but ultimately, it panned out—the site features a long list of positive reviews and guys on Reddit, and independent blogs seemed to echo the sentiment as well. When you see something at this price point—$235—made from polyester, no less—there’s a concern about quality, breathability. But it seems that the all-weather jacket is neither sweaty nor plasticky—which is plain incredible.


When we looked closely at this brand, we found that most people were pleased with their overall experience. Men across the web said the chinos were comfortable, stretchy, and held up in a wide range of climates across the globe—whether they were exploring museums or doing something more adventurous.

On the downside, they may get discolored over time. The brighter colors, like the harvest gold, start bright, and over time fade into a less vibrant sheen. Additionally, they may be a bit slippery on train seats or other hard plastic seating arrangements.

Some of the pants do, sometimes wrinkle when washed. It’s likely that they’ll generally say wrinkle-free, but there are some exceptions. The site says that the pants will wrinkle in certain circumstances, like hot temperatures, but others found that they were wrinkled after washing.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we have to say, Bluffworks impressed us quite a bit. The company has created some good-looking items that will go with button-ups and tees just the same.

Some of the reviews we encountered seemed to expect that their pants would last several years and make it to the bomb shelter or something—but according to long-time users, these last a decent amount of time before they start to fade or wear out. Which, they’re pants.

Of course, they do. The benefits, we think, lie in the fact that you’ll get stretchy pants, with hidden pockets--and they look just as good as your chinos that weren’t built for performance. Things like the machine washable suit, were pretty darn cool, too. While it might not be your dress to impress staple, it looks good—perfect for the guy traveling abroad, biking to work, or who wants to be comfortable for a change.

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