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The Arrivals

The Arrivals is a Fashion brand, with a capital F. The company is an outerwear brand that’s gotten a healthy infusion of press mentions. They made the perfect leather jacket, a basic parka you’ll live in all winter, coats, coats, coats.

So, what’s the deal with this brand? Are they worth the hype?

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of this too-cool jacket brand.

What’s the Story?

The brand was founded by Jeff Johnson and Kal Vepuri, an architect and investor, respectively, with no formal background in fashion at all. The small label rose to popularity a few years back with the launch of a leather jacket. While Vepuri invested in fashion-adjacent brands like Warby Parker and Harry’s —the duo has used their outsider status to their advantage. Creating an architectural line of no-nonsense basics that still look cool.

The brand is so popular—despite some coats topping $1000 because they make warm clothes that use “Alpine technology” combined with a fashion-forward look.

The idea is, you can purchase a leather jacket that’s actually warm. A wool coat with a puffy coat liner—you don’t have to dress in Patagonia or North Face if you’re not the sporty type, yet you’re not going to to be cold.

The brand has both a men's and women's section, but there are several unisex pieces in the mix.

And while the coats may be expensive for some, The Arrivals comes with a lifetime warranty and free shipping on orders over $200.

What’s Good Here?

So, we were initially struck by how well this brand does this whole minimalist, curated experience. They sell like two T-shirts, umbrellas, hats, and yes, all those beautiful coats.

There’s a hint of a streetwear aesthetic, but many of the pieces are nice enough to wear to a more traditional office. For the most part, pieces come in black and gray, with hints of mustard yellow here and there.

Our favorite pick here is the Moya III leather jacket. It’s a real investment piece, but the coat comes insulated with water-resistant Merino shearling, an adjustable belt, and is built to withstand severe weather conditions (and with the warranty, it’s an investment sure to last a lifetime). All the buckles might not be right for everyone, but we’re seriously impressed.

Leather jackets are often relegated to weird transitional seasons—they’re too hot for the summer and won’t keep you cozy during frigid winter months. Your best case scenario means wearing a hoodie underneath, but you’re an adult now, and that might not be your bag anymore.

Another solid pick is the Halstrøm— it is a serious winter coat, a snow parka with a removable shell that looks good on its own—and you can zip off the bottom for a shorter jacket. The 3-1 design helps the $700 price tag go down much smoother.

What’s Lacking?

No complaints on our end, but this isn’t the place to really dive in and go shopping. Instead, you’re probably here because you saw an article about this fabulous leather jacket and you want to get your hands on one yourself.

Most people probably don’t need an $80 large umbrella—it may be a bit large for public transportation and umbrellas often just get lost. Stick with the cheapo options here.

The other unnecessary element is the fact that this brand sells a couple of pocket tees for $45. Not that that’s prohibitively expensive for someone who may be considering a $700 or $1000 coat, but there’s nothing special here—it just feels like the Arrivals are trying to bulk up their e-commerce site.

Where Do They Sell the Arrivals?

You can buy The Arrivals wares directly from the official website. Farfetch carries select items from the brand, as do a few smaller sites.

Ultimately, your best bet is to bite the bullet and buy directly from the source. The brand doesn’t appear to offer many discounts, but they will participate in events like a Cyber Monday.

Ultimately, you need to love these items to shell out. But, the quality is consistent across the board and versatile pieces like the Halstrøm, as well as a real bare bones jacket like the Ford, are bound to be worn on repeat for years to come.

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