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MeUndies – Those Underpants From Your Favorite Podcast

Another podcast staple, MeUndies is a Los Angeles-based underwear company that specializes in making feel-good undergarments and loungewear. They’re known for their wild prints ranging from jellyfish to pizza and avocado.

MeUndies isn’t for the guy that purchases exclusively black and grey underwear by the value pack. Instead, this brand is for those who like a little more whimsy, right down to that base layer. Founder Jonathan Shokrian started MeUndies back in 2011. It was a classic case of the offerings out there not being up to snuff.

Shokrian boasts that his company makes the softest underpants around, and that sentiment seems to hold true amongst those who have given the brand a shot. Still, the founder says mainstream brands like Hanes and Victoria’s Secret are competitors, as they’re the biggest underwear brands in the game.

What they do well:

So, naturally, we’re looking at men’s underwear—it’s clear that the obvious selling points are colorful designs—think advertising with couples wearing matching pizza panties, boxers in the full spectrum of rainbow colors, and a cheeky, humorous vibe to boot.

They’ve got great marketing, for sure. But, the thing about these underwear-centric companies: Tommy John, Saxx, and Mack Weldon come to mind, is you’re looking at a pricey pair of underpants.

MeUndies are luxe, though. They’re made with 92% Micro-Modal cotton, making them (as per the site) three times more comfortable than cotton. Plus, the fabric is sustainably sourced, and the brand says underpants come with a roomy, yet supportive front pouch. Sounds good, right?

Okay, So What Are the Prices Like?

Well, if you buy one pair of men’s boxer briefs one time, you’re looking at $20 a pair. You can save by signing up for their monthly subscription (yeah, what a great time to be alive), bringing each pair down to $16 a pop.

Patterned underwear is a few extra bucks (subscription is the same), clocking in at $24 a pair. For some, a couple more bones might be a small price to pay for underwear with bananas on them or jellyfish or a seductive leopard print.

In any case, all styles of men’s undergarments are priced the same, whether you like boxers, briefs, trunks, or boxer briefs.

Three-packs of solids will cost you $54, while you’ll save a bit more by buying in bulk—a six-pack is $96.

We like the look of the underwear, the patterns and the carefree spirit of the brand’s advertising, but we can see that these prices for an item rarely seen is a lot for many guys.

The brand has received a lot of positive feedback—the styles, colors, and patterns look fantastic, and they’re super soft to boot.

Still, there have been some detractors. Check out the Male Fashion Advice Reddit—here; there’s a division between whether or not the undergarments are worth it. Some say yes, others, say there are softer pairs out there. Instead, consumers seem to prefer Tommy John or ExOfficio.

Parting Thoughts

In the end, MeUndies is a company with a lot of personality and a cheeky take on underwear of all styles—we like the look and the super-soft feel. Still,

Finally, it is worth pointing out that this brand seems entirely adequate. They provide a range of attractive colors and some whimsical patterns that quite frankly, make wearing underwear a lot more fun.

That said, they’re charging prices that you’d find on sites like Tommy John and Saxx—companies that go the extra mile when it comes to the materials used and, while this sounds weird, innovations in the undergarment space. MeUndies is using cotton—soft, modal cotton, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Expect to sweat as usual, which, honestly, is fine.

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