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Thursday Boot Company

The Thursday boot was a boot born out of frustration. The founders were hit with the idea for the company while on a surf trip in Nicaragua, when it dawned on them that there wasn’t really a boot that filled the space between impractical fashion boots and sturdy workhorses, better suited to the warehouse.

So—they set out to create a line of boots—ethically manufactured in the US and priced at the lower end for leather boots. Admirable, sure.

Like a number of online retail shops, Thursday Boot Company began with a humble Kickstarter page and now has their own showroom and a direct-to-consumer website

Soo… What Do They Have?

Well, as you might imagine, Thursday Boot Company primarily specializes in boots. Though, they do also have a few errant shoes in the mix. Most of the shoes offered are what you’d call basics. They're more or less the footwear answer to all those basics companies —neutrals like browns, blacks, and claret—no stupid flourishes—you know the kind that ruin an otherwise cool pair of shoes.

Instead—you can choose from a pair of Chelsea Boots, or the Scout, a modern man’s take on the Chukka boot.

The wingtip boot is probably the best option here—it’s a nice addition to any wardrobe. We like this boot, as it’s got a little more flare than its counterparts and will go with your jeans, chinos, slacks, or whatever. What’s more is, they can easily go in the work or the play direction with the right jacket.

How Does the Quality Come into Play?

Overall, these boots seem pretty solid—and you don’t have to shell out $500+ to get that essential pair that somehow upgrades your slim jeans and a selected the above because they all looked similar and had great reviews.

Some reviewers have compared the Thursday President boots to the WOLVERINE 1000 MILE boots. The Thursday version is about half the price, so they’ve got that going for it. Additionally, customers liked that the Thursday Boots have added a rubber sole on top of the leather sole, making them more durable for wet weather.

What’s interesting is, a lot of men were comparing the boots to work boots and rating them as such. They’re made more for going to work (in an office), walking around town, and being generally leisurely. They’re fashionable shoes with a little more quality added in than say, the fast fashion version of the Scout or the President.

As per the site, Thursday makes all their boots from Tier 1 USA Hides—as a point of reference, these guys are one of the top providers of skins and hides in the US—and they only work with companies that have transparent supply chain processes.

Still the quality is relative. Some reviewers have found that the leather is just too thin—the quality is similar to something like Cole Hahn that you can pick up at Macy’s—boots that are, well, fine, but maybe not going to solidify your standing as the arbiter of taste in your social circles.

One blogger mentioned that the boots look a lot better when placed in optimal conditions—i.e. professional photography, great lighting, and a fresh coat of polish. It’s true, they really look amazing online. But, after six months of heavy-duty wear, this is what you can expect your boots to look like.

But, the simple (in a good way) design—and little details like cork footbeds, and studded rubber outsoles make these boots more appealing than most other boots in this price range. And it’s a hell of a lot easier than hanging around eBay hoping for a pair of Vibergs to go on sale.

So, What’s the Verdict?

Ultimately, there are probably better boots out there than Thursday. But, the company does a good job bringing affordable shoes into the menswear fold, but ultimately, we’re not blown away.

Check out Thursday for those kick around shoes you wear all the time, or if you need a pair of dress shoes for a job interview, funeral or something. But, you may want to spend your money on a pair of shoes with thicker leather and a more durable construction.

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