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Wolf & Shepherd – Sneakers in Disguise

Wolf & Shepherd are the world’s most comfortable dress shoes. A real lofty claim, if you ask us. But, if you look more closely at the materials used to make each shoe, that promise seems a bit more realistic.

The brand was created for the business professionals you see in big cities—commuters who wear sneakers and suits for their trek to work and dress shoes in the office. The idea was, why deal with two pairs of shoes every day?

So, can dress shoes look professional and have the powerful comfort you’ll find in your favorite pair of sneaks? Let’s check ‘em out:

The Story

Wolf & Shepherd was the brainchild of Justin Schneider, a former college athlete, and Adidas employee. Justin got his start designing athletic shoes and realized that so many guys were dealing with the same problem—uncomfortable dress shoes.

Justin mocked up his first pair of dress shoes by gluing the foam heel of a couple of sneakers to an old pair of dress shoes in this sort of Franken-shoe effort.

Justin made Forbes’ 30 under 30 back in 2017, and his line of mid-range sneaks in disguise has garnered attention from GQ, Men's Journal, and more. A 23-year-old runner completed a half-marathon in Atlanta while wearing a pair of the shoes— so they seem to have a legitimate grasp of the comfort game.

Price and Quality?

Price points are firmly within the 300-400 range you’ll find with other direct to consumer shoe shops like Thursday Boot Company or Paul Evans.

There aren’t a ton of styles, but the options cover the spectrum of male dress shoes that won’t attract attention in a conservative setting. In other words, you’re here because you want an everyday shoe you can wear without getting a new crop of blisters. Still, there are no whimsical flourishes or unique color schemes in sight. The loafer comes in olive green, and that's about as experimental as we get, here.

And that’s fine. You’ve got traditional cap-toes clocking in at $345, or the gorgeous Chelsea Blitz ringing in at $425.

On the more casual side, you can get suede driving mocs for $195 and suede chukkas for $335. Honestly, the driving mocs feel a little schlubby—but they’d definitely work for casual office spaces or as a sneaker alternative—best paired with a V-neck sweater and a pair of cuffed chinos.

As far as standouts—the midnight monk straps look pretty darn rad.

In all, these shoes aren’t cheap, but they stand to be real wardrobe workhorses—perfect for daily commutes, running and jumping through town (like the brand’s models!) and you know, wearing at networking events where you’ll need to stand for hours on end.

Sporty Technology

We won't harp on the style shortcomings any further. The real benefit of buying Wolf & Shepherd Footwear is the patent-pending Phoenix-TECH resoling technology which allows for maximum comfort, and the ability to wear the shoes for the next several years.

What Are the Cons, Here?

Okay—there aren’t many cons, but the price definitely comes to mind. This price point ($200-400) isn’t that high, but it falls in that awkward spot between affordable and designer—something entry level professionals may choose to add to their budgets or feel constrained by the price point.

At this level, you’ll get LA-designed shoes, made in Portugal from calfskin and various sporting components. The real quality seekers may take issue with the entry-level stitching, but the average consumer will find these more than acceptable.

Weirdly there aren’t that many reviews from customers who weren’t paid to give their two cents, so it’s a bit of a challenge to gather a consensus on this line.

There’s no doubt Justin Schneider has created a reliable brand with a winning idea—we haven’t seen anyone refute the comfort claims—the only complaints have been about price and quality.

And when we say quality, we’re talking lack of welting, nothing horrendous. Additionally, the shoes have been compared to Cole Haan, both in price, quality, and comfort—so, we’d say, definitely worth a shot.

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