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Ratio Clothing—The Promise of Perfect Measurements

For whatever reason, we’ve been stuck with the ultra-basic mold of small, medium, and large for far too long. While online brands are coming around to the fact that bodies tend to fall outside the predetermined mannequin-shaped sizes, so with that in mind, there’s been this rise of clothing companies bringing technology and clothing together in search of the perfect fit.

Shirts need to fit well and provide lasting comfort, a prospect hard to come by if you’ve got a small frame, broad shoulders, or happen to be long and lanky. Ratio Clothing, a company that promises to provide the perfect fit, no matter what your measurements are.

Get a Custom-Made Dress Shirt from Ratio Clothing

Ratio Clothing, a brand developed by ex-Deloitte consultant, Eric Powell, knows that dress shirts are a big deal. For a staple item required by so many dress codes and societal expectations, it’s hard to find that right fit.

The Denver-based brand brings custom (well, custom-adjacent) shirt making into the internet-era. The site focuses exclusively on shirts---from formal tuxedo shirts to casual plaids and everyday workwear—so you won’t be able to get a blazer or a pair of slacks while you’re poking around. The idea is, the central focus breeds higher quality.

A little background on the Ratio process:

The Low Down on Ratio

Ratio boasts a clean and simple website, but it does feel a little, well, outdated. The navigation is simple, but it seems that the site could benefit from further division, between say, casual and dress shirts.

The buying process too, leaves something to be desired. At least from the standpoint there are countless examples of men’s customized shirt companies. And most go further in depth—asking for measurements or offering a brick and mortar fitting experience.

With Ratio, you’ll be tasked with answering a few really base level questions. Your height, your weight, do you prefer slim or regular fit?

Going through the fields will help you determine your “Fit Blueprint,” which gives you a pattern you can save for future orders. Most reviewers mentioned that the Ratio fit really did get those ratios right—most of the time. In some cases, shirt sleeves stretched out in the wash. Or, that the forearms were tight. So—while the blueprint probably works most of the time, you’re giving up some of the guarantee you’d find in a truly custom shirt.

For example, it would be nice to see more specific sleeve length increments for a fine-tuned fit. We'd also like to see a wider range in the details--cuff, collar, spread, and so on.


Shirts all hover within a similar price range—between $99 and $165, depending on fabric weight and detailing. At the lower end of the price scale, you’ll find options like the Blue Candy Striped Oxford, made from 50’s single-ply cotton. At the higher end, you’ll get 100’s two-ply, like this Violet Tattersall made from Thomas Mason fabric. Most shirts will run you around $135-$149.

What We Liked About Ratio

Ratio Clothing has a personal feel, even in browsing through the site, you get the sense that Powell is trying to be helpful. The site features content that clearly lays out different types fabrics, collar styles, and close-up looks at cuffs and buttons—breaking it all down into simple terms anyone can grasp.

And from a customer service standpoint, if you are not satisfied with the first shirt you receive, the company will remake or alter it free of charge.

Is Ratio Worth a Try?

If you’re looking for decent quality dress shirts and a straightforward fitting process, Ratio is going to be a pretty good bet. The shirt-maker doesn’t sell a whole lot in terms of variety, and they’ve only got shirts, but the customer experience is solid. By focusing on just one thing, Ratio has the benefit of being your “online shirt guy.” The blueprint is somewhat simplistic, but in most cases, people seemed happy with the fit.

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