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Ledbury is a Virginia-based shirt maker, in business for over 100 years. The brand fits in with the current wave in menswear--bespoke clothing available online and in showrooms, as well as made-to-measure clothing that offer an affordable (ish) solution to sizing issues.

Ledbury gives you menswear and accessories that are unique, stylish and comfortable. There's no doubt that this is a heritage brand, but many of these pieces are major investments, particularly if you decide to get fitted for a bespoke shirt. Let's take a closer look at the brand:


Ledbury shirts come in three pricing tiers, ready-to-wear, made-to-measure and bespoke. The off-the-rack collection has a wide range of patterns to choose from. The ready-to-wear shirts start at $125 per shirt, and made-to-measures cap at $400 apiece. Bespoke, the ultimate custom shirt experience starts at $295 per shirt--certainly nothing to sniff at, but the idea is, you're getting a perfect shirt built to last.

The Ledbury experience is best when you visit one of their locations--in Richmond, VA or Washington, DC. Unfortunately, there are no other stores, so men who wish to order must settle for the ready-to-wear collection or send their measurements to the customer service team.

With the made-to-measure service offered at Ledbury, you'll visit the showroom, and a salesperson will show you the fabrics and help you make some flattering selections. A staff member will take your measurements, and send them along to the factory in Italy. Shoppers can expect their picks to arrive at their doorstep within 4-6 weeks.

Ledbury’s bespoke service offers even more options for measurements and customizations, and the shirt that you want is made in-house by their tailor. The process involves constructing a paper pattern from the measurements you provided. You may need to attend multiple fittings before the final product is complete.

A bespoke shirt from Ledbury starts at around $300. This might seem a little expensive, especially when you compare it to the price of other custom shirts from say, Enzo or MAB that range from $170 to $220. But, with that in mind, it’s important to note that Ledbury does pay attention to the details. Collars are more substantial than what you can expect to find at a Brooks Brothers or J Crew. Plus, shirts are canvassed, buttons are reinforced, and shirts come with a lowered second button—meaning it creates the perfect “v” when the top button is left undone.

The Workshop Model

We’re increasingly seeing this push toward shaking up the American manufacturing scene. While there are tons of companies making their sustainable wares in foreign markets, Ledbury’s bespoke collection keeps production in the US, custom tailoring shirts and suiting in the same Richmond, VA-based workshop they’ve been using for the past century. The staff fits you extensively in-house and gets you set up with either a ready-made model—or saves your numbers to craft a made-to-measure shirt perfectly suited to your body.

Ledbury Shirts and Accessories Online

Not everyone can head out to Richmond just to buy a luxury shirt from the brand, but they do have a pretty robust online store. Most ready-to-wear shirts hover in that $165 range, but you might be able to score some items on sale.

While it’s a shame you can’t send in a shirt to base the measurements off of, like Blank Label or Alton Lane, you’re still able to purchase the brand’s ready-to-wear clothing. What sets Ledbury shirts apart from others is they incorporate subtle tweaks to their shirting that you may not notice, but make a huge difference in how they fit and look when you wear them.

Ledbury does not only offer world-class shirts for every occasion, but also pants, coats, and jackets and accessories such as belts, ties, and bags. While these items aren't as buzzed about as the fabled shirts, there are some real finds in here. Shirts are marked down as low as $65, and the brand also offers some solid, lightweight sweaters, perfect for layering over--you guessed it, a dress shirt.

Investment Pieces

Sourcing its fabrics from renowned Italian mills like Albini and Thomas Mason, Ledbury shirts are known for their quality and have a small, but loyal following. They're a brand with history--and the American bespoke is something many men will happily pay for.


People do seem to like the shirts, but we didn’t see much buzz surrounding the rest of the clothing and accessories. These ready-made items are fairly standard and relatively affordable, so maybe shopping Ledbury won't break the bank as much as we initially thought.

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