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Keep it All Together with Tommy John

When it comes to underwear, everyone wants to find the most comfortable pair. And Tommy John definitely brings it’s a-game when it comes to super soft base layers.

The company has revolutionized the way men’s underwear is designed and made, creating a smooth base layer that stays put no matter what you’re wearing on the outside. From undershirt to underwear to socks, this premium underwear brand offers a wide range of basics that hold up for the long haul.

What Makes Tommy John Different?

You might be asking what sets, Tommy John apart from the crowd of underwear makers. According to the makers of this product, the defining factor is a revolutionary technique. The company keeps three key factors in mind when putting together their high-end briefs and boxers.

1. Fabric: They use innovative materials and proprietary fabric and blends, such as their patented, non-pilling micro modal.

2. Fit: The company conducts thorough research and finds new ways for different fabrics and materials to adapt to the real, moving body. This includes their patented undershirt design that ensures that it will never come untucked. Additionally, you can enter your sizing info at the foot of each product page, and they’ll spit out a size.

3. Function: The company is always evolving and improving their products to make sure that customers are more comfortable when they wear Tommy John underwear. An example of this is their Quick Draw Fly—convenience at its finest.

The makers of Tommy John stress that advantage of wearing their underpants is, you won’t need to make any adjustments. That means, no more tugging at your crotch or pulling up sad socks that keep falling down. Essentially, their addressing the kind of base-layer problems that have plagued us for decades with no solution.

The company has done its share of studies to understand how men’s bodies move and combining this knowledge with cutting-edge fabric technologies and making changes to the fit right down to where the last stitch is placed. Armed with this information, the company produces undershirts, underwear and socks that do not any adjustment.

What’s Working

What we like about this brand is, they bring a sense of fashion and quality to an oft forgotten corner of the closet—the underwear drawer. The site features a number of garments in a handful of attractive colors and underwear comes in five different cuts. While they’ve got the standard brief and boxer brief, TJ takes things a step further and has created a long-legged boxer brief, which helps keep things in place to a greater extent.

TJ’s has really emphasized the “staying in place” aspect of their brand, and it seems they have stayed true to their word. Underwear is comfortable, and comes in this unbelievably soft micro-modal cotton, perfect for sleeping in, if you ask us. The 360-Sport comes with a pocket, so, you can keep personal items close during a run.

What’s Lacking with Tommy John

Reviews are primarily positive, but, and there are some definite buts, some guys found that the Second Skin line didn’t do so hot when it came to sweat—but they don’t ride up and they’re quite comfortable, so it’s a trade-off. With Tommy John, you can make sure that you feel comfortable right from the base layers of your clothing and go about your day with confidence and ease.

Additionally, we’ve heard from past shoppers that the customer service team isn’t always the most responsive. And unfortunately, the products aren’t available from places like Amazon. You can, however, purchase them from Nordstrom if you’d rather buy them alongside your public-facing clothes.

Then of course, there’s the price—at $34 for a pair of boxers, these babies better last a long time. You’ll get a slight discount if you purchase a multi-pack, which comes in twos, threes, and fives—but still, stocking up on a week’s worth of underwear is going to run you over $200, which is a hard bullet to swallow.

Finally, the front and center logo placement isn’t for everyone. We realized that this is pretty common in the world of underwear, but for the branding averse, some styles might be a little much.

So, What’s the Verdict? Depends on How Much You’re Willing to Pay for Underwear

The thing about premium underwear is, it’s kind of a divisive subject. There are scores of dudes out there that swear by some of these $30+ per pair brands like Mack Weldon, Under Armour, and Saxx---and of course, our man here, Tommy John. No one is actually saying that these brands aren’t high quality—overall, they’re well reviewed and hold up for the long haul. But, the other half of people out there simply cannot imagine not going with the cheapest option—most people aren’t going to see your underwear after all—and even if they do the judgement falls only in the realm of whether any given pair is clean and free from holes. A small ask, really.

TL/DR: Tommy John makes a mean pair of briefs, but we won’t try to convince you that premium underpants fall in the same league as those investment wing tips or a decent suit.

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