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Jomers—Affordable Exclusivity

Handmade in New York City, Jomers’ is something of a unique brand. Sure, the clothes look a lot like what you’d find at Uniqlo or Bonobos with a dash of Brooks Brothers—but this brand has buzz. The affordable clothing brand claims to be made of the finest quality, yet chinos will run you less than $50.

Whether you are looking for business suits or chinos and polos, Jomers offers a wide range of menswear that fit perfectly and feels comfortable. Here’s a little more about the online brand—and why you should subscribe to their newsletters.

That No-Logo Life

The principle that Jomers follows is that expensive does not necessarily translate to better quality, and that “brand name” logos simply demonstrate you spent more than necessary on your clothes. The company instead focuses on top-quality menswear that is available at the most reasonable price possible.

According to the website, Jomers sources their fabrics from the best mills in the world, including England, Italy, Portugal and Belgium and use the same designers and producers as premium brands. This idea—the direct to consumer, brand-less aesthetic has taken off in recent years.

There are countless brands that talk about sourcing and materials through Kickstarter accounts, brands like Everlane that share production costs with customers. Jomers is another one of these online companies focused more on details, quality, and transparency.

So, What Do They Have?

From suits to shorts, dress shirts to polos, you will find everything you need, no matter what your style. What sets Jomers apart from the pack is their pricing. You can get the same high-quality clothes that major brands offer at a much more affordable price.

From silk to wool to cotton to linen, Jomers provides a wide selection of fabrics that you can choose from. The fabrics look and feel great, proving that the company does take care in selecting the materials they use to make their clothing. As mentioned earlier, Jomers uses the same professionals that premium brands do, which means that you get extremely well-made clothes at prices that are more reasonable.

Jomers use silk linings in their dress trousers instead of the standard polyester. The flannels and sharkskin that the company uses are sourced from Marzotto, the renowned Italian mill. They use English wools for the Herringbone, Houndstooth and Donegal. The Donegal wool goes for $58, while the olive flannel goes for $54. The fabrics that the company uses to make their clothing are lightweight, soft, comfortable and do not feel cheap in the least.

What to Buy

Admittedly, we looked at the prices and were a bit concerned that Jomers was creating a fast-fashion for grown men type of deal. Clothes come in a range of neutrals, with pops of reds and plaids here and there—they look good on the site, but it’s hard to get a feel for what the clothes look like on an actual body. The brand cuts costs in several ways, including skipping out on models.

Prices look great—you can score a $27 chambray button up, $18 pique cotton polos, and pants for less than $50.

On the fancier side of things, you’ll find Italian wool fabrics such as Vitale Barberis Canonico Super 110s, which come with breathable Bemberg linings and buttons made from real horn—and they’re half-canvassed. At $250, the price seems too good to be true. Apparently, these bad boys sell out in about 20 minutes, so you’ll definitely need to sign up for brand updates.

Pants are super affordable. For example, chinos cost just $42 and dress pants and trousers are $68 a pair.

The Downside?

Jomers is constantly selling out. They’re a smaller company, and hopefully, as they grow, they’ll be able to keep more stock on those digital shelves.

A past review from A Fine Tooth Comb puts it nicely, attempting to get your hands on Jomers clothes is like waiting to secure a “tickle me Elmo” on Black Friday”--damn near impossible.

The other issue is, the pants only come in one inseam, and the button-downs are only measured in small, medium, large sizing--no neck measurements in sight.

The Right Look for the Right Price

We liked the whole Jomers experience. The customer service is great, and the clothes look both modern and timeless--no stupid patterns or one-season colors in sight. The brand does a good job creating pieces that look much more expensive than they really are, a real boon for younger guys just getting started in their careers—as well as anyone looking for a good deal.

That said, the company is small--perhaps to their detriment. As we mentioned, it's pretty hard to get a hold of any items on their site. Demand is high, and men need to set alerts just to get a new piece. Someday, this might not be an issue, but in the meantime, we're frantically buying several pairs of chinos when the opportunity presents itself.

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