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Stantt—Almost Custom Sizing

Chances are when you’re looking at shirts, you’re likely presented with small, medium, large, and a potential “extra” tacked on in either direction. But, these arbitrary sizes don’t get it all quite right, especially when you’re taking into account the wide array of body shapes that fit into any given medium shirt.

So, with a mission to improve upon existing sizing systems, Stantt, brings one of the most comprehensive sizing systems we’ve seen—at least outside of the realm of fully customized clothing. Here we’ll take a look at the company disrupting the way we look at men’s sizes.

“Almost” Custom Shirts that Look and Feel Great

Did you know that traditional sizing only gives 15% of men the perfect fit? That’s pretty dismal if you ask us. Between vanity sizing and inconsistencies across brands, the state of sizing in 2018 is somewhat of a mess.

Instead, Stantt relies on a system of 3D design software to give the old school sizing model a much-needed face lift. The company offers a complimentary fitting by an in-house stylist at any one of the 100-plus stores across the nation. You can book a free fitting and get a custom-fit shirt for any occasion.

From dress and tuxedo shirts to casuals, you can get a well-fitting shirt via Stantt’s proprietary sizing system, which includes a whopping 75 different sizes.

About that Data

Unlike other manufacturers, the company uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to tailor your shirts one at a time, exclusively for you (really, they all say that, right?). But, the Stantt system stands out in a few ways—they use data to determine your perfect size, but it’s not quite a custom approach.

The brand uses an algorithm based on three simple measurements (chest, waist, sleeve), making it easy for men of all sizes find a shirt that fits them just right. After you are measured, the company will ship your custom shirt to you within a week.

You enter these three dimensions into their size finder, and from there, they’ll let you know what your size is and you’re ready to start shopping. The idea is, you get a custom fit without needing to go to a tailor.

Do the Clothes Look Good?

In all honesty, Stantt’s online shop is stocked with some pretty standard fare. The brand only sells shirts, so the huge range of sizes is only limited to one’s upper quadrants. But, the options they have do look good—and reviewers say the data-driven fit system seems to work.

Several of the guys in the Male Fashion Advice (MFA) Subreddit claim Stantt shirts are among their favorites. That said, the casual button-ups seem a bit thin, not as hearty as brands that specialize in flannels and chambrays for your chill day-to-days like Taylor Stitch or American Giant.

The dress shirts, however, are where Stantt really stands out. Prices aren’t exactly bargain bin, you’ll find the priciest, the Luxe line (see White Luxe Traveler’s Twill) will run shoppers a whopping $225. At this price, you’re getting a classic twill, featuring a French front and mother-of-pearl buttons.

The Manhattan line is much more affordable, though prices start at $98. Many come in wrinkle-resistant cotton, and you’ll find a range of colors. Ideal for your average workday, maybe a wedding or date night. And, for something in between, there’s the Empire line—a step up from the Manhattan with higher thread counts and fabrics from the “best mills around the world.”

What’s more is, beyond button ups, Stantt offers a decent selection of polos and tees—which while nothing unique, come with the specific fit. So, we can see this being a good resource for basics if you’re a guy who has trouble with shirts being too long or too short. And, the shirts only come in a few colors—mostly pastels. Same goes with the $58 tee. Unless you’re an odd size, it’s probably better to look toward Hanes or Everlane to fill that need.

Worth it… or in Need of Improvement?

The main benefit with Stantt is that orders ship within 7 days. So, while there are some limitations, the 75-size options should satisfy most shoppers. We get that offering so much breadth in terms of size means that Stantt can’t exactly develop a deep pool of options or any offerings for our lower halves.

The custom sizing would translate well for things like sports coats and leather jackets, as these options can be a challenge for smaller frames or sizing that falls out of the standard.

The price point comes at a premium--$200+ button-ups and $60 tees seem a bit steep for most guys—and the latter option doesn’t have the luxe appearance of a truly premium cotton tee. That said, Stantt work shirts seem to hold up for the long haul and present a much faster turnaround time that your average made-to-measure.

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