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Mack Weldon – Underwear Worth the Splurge?

Do you constantly need to adjust your underpants in public? Whether its sagging waistbands or worn out elastics, underwear doesn't always make good on its unspoken promise to stay discreetly in place.

This is a problem many men complain about, and it happens even invest in some of the better brands on the market. Mack Weldon, that brand featured on many a podcast, claims to offer an antidote to underwear and that just won’t stay put.

But MW is a bit expensive compared to your usual pack of Hanes--here's why:

Mack Background

Mack Weldon was created by former Silicon Valley computer specialist Brian Berger and fashion designer Michael Isaacman. The men call their company a “lifestyle” brand, and aim to help shoppers get more out of their basics—whether that’s through innovative fabrics or a better fit. Mack Weldon offers solutions to common problems associated with men’s underwear.

Taking cues from athletic companies like Nike and Adidas, Mack Weldon has based their collection on tweaking traditional underwear like boxers and briefs by adding high-tech performance features. Mack Weldon’s underwear, incorporates soft elastic in the waistbands, leg openings that don’t constrict, and some strategically placed mesh panels–known as “cool zones”–designed to reduce heat in high sweat areas.

According to the brand, Mack Weldon feels comfortable all day long, meaning you won’t need to worry about making adjustments to your base layers.

Innovative Fabrics

As you already know, there are countless brands out there known for making quality men’s boxers, briefs, socks, and undershirts. And, honestly, it’s one of those purchases most men would rather avoid—it’s hard to justify spending a fortune on undergarments that in all honesty, most people won’t even see (sorry, no compliments).

You want your essentials to feel as comfortable as possible as they are closest to your skin. If your basics are not comfortable, there is no way that you will feel comfortable or confident, no matter how stylish your outward presentation. Mack Weldon promises this high level of comfort, and has received some great reviews from men saying the brand provides a certain level of softness and quality—undershirts and underpants alike were made to gently hug the body, preventing sagging throughout the day.

The brand is known for using innovative technology and high-quality performance materials to create underwear, undershirts and other menswear items. From boxers to briefs, the designs are straightforward and classic.

Another plus is, Mack Weldon is a direct-to-customer, e-commerce based company, which means that you do not have to drag yourself to the mall and poke around in the department store to make that essential purchase. The company focuses on providing consumers with high-quality menswear at an affordable price while making the whole shopping experience much simpler. The idea is to provide smart design, premium fabrics, and simple shopping.

Are the Smart Basics a Smart Buy?

Sure, Mack Weldon offers your full range of basics, from socks and tees to boxers and briefs, but we have a feeling some men will have a hard time spending $30-ish per pair of underwear if they’re stocking up for a whole week or more.

The Mack Weldon shopping experience is undoubtedly appealing. Buying basics online is a total upgrade from going underwear shopping IRL. Plus, the brand offers a 100% guarantee—if your new boxers aren’t a perfect fit, you can send them back, no questions asked.

The unexpected standout here are the swim trunks. At $88, they are a bit of a splurge, but you’re getting a well-constructed trunk with a fitted inner lining, and the option to purchase basic colors instead of the loud, colorful prints typically associated with swimwear.

But, there are some items that even the fashion-committed may have a hard time shelling out for. The $34 Silver collection boxers are one such item--boasting some buzzwords you'd typically see on a line of high-end yoga clothes. Sure, they come with antimicrobial silver woven into the blend, but we were unable to find out how much of a benefit this is. The site itself mentions that the product provides odor control and cooling areas, but we're not sure this is totally necessary for the guy that just goes to work and changes his underwear every day.

Chances are, you’ll be just fine with standard cotton or jersey boxer briefs—so long as you wash them regularly.

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