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Taking the High-End of Eyewear with David Kind

Online glasses shopping is quickly rising to dominance over traditional, in-person shops. We’ve seen it with the likes of Warby Parker, Lookmatic, and discount eyewear shop, EyeBuyDirect.

Why? Because, no one wants to squint at a wall full of frames before settling for that one pair that looks, well, okay.

Enter David Kind, the latest online shop for eyewear. While online everything is the new norm, David Kind focuses on the luxury side of the glasses game—but offers the convenience of the rest of the digital brands. Below, we’ll take a look at the brand, and find out if Kind provides the style—and visibility—the bespectacled man, is after.

So, What Sets Kind Apart from the Crowd?

David Kind is a brand that brings bespoke luxury to the world of online eyewear. The company focuses on quality materials, innovative technology, and one-on-one service – an online “stylist” is available to help you choose the right glasses. David Kind offers upscale eyewear that are a little pricier than some brands, but still come at a lower price point than what you’d find at your average brick and mortar glasses shop.

The company was founded by designer David Barton, along with a group of Los Angeles-based opticians from Oliver Peoples and other designer brands. David Kind identifies as a bespoke online boutique for eyewear for both men and women. The company has a simple purpose: to provide consumers the best possible eyewear at an (relatively) affordable price.

A Little Pricey?

The brand has partnered with eyewear manufacturers from Cadore, Italy and Sabae, Japan. David Kind then offers their eyewear to clients through a patented service that allows them to try on the glasses they select at home. You can choose six frames that will be delivered to your home and try them on at home for six days.

The brand is quite a bit like a souped-up Warby Parker. There's an app available that helps you get your pupillary distance correctly documented, plus a personal stylist to help you through the process.

David Kind sources materials of premium quality and works with craftsmen who are exceptionally skilled in bringing the brand’s exclusive designs to life. It combines traditional techniques with the most advanced developments in computer-assisted manufacturing.

Eyewear is a little tricky. First of all—if you’ve been to an eye doctor and browsed the frames while waiting, you know that there’s little difference between the high end and the mid-range glasses on the shelf.

Second—eyewear is something people don’t notice the brand— it’s not like investing in great shoes or a quality suit, where you get a sense of whether or not something is well-made right off the bat. Acetate frames are acetate frames and the difference in quality isn’t too easy for the untrained eye to pick up on. For that reason, we totally get the appeal of the under $100 glasses that still look cool.

The styles look similar to what you’d see on the Warby Parker site, but the bonus is the higher quality lenses and the addition of a personal stylist who helps guide you through the try-on process via email.

In an attempt to lessen the frustrations of buying, David Kind has incorporated a relatively extensive questionnaire about your preferences—allowing your stylist to select options likely to flatter. You pick three frames, and your optician will hand select three more. You have 6 days to try at home and from there, you can choose the frames that suit you best.

What’s the Verdict on Kind?

Whether you are looking for optical glasses or sunglasses, David Kind offers premium quality products at a lower cost than say, other brands in this arena like Oliver Peoples. They’ve got a solid collection of both optical lenses and shades—but tend to stick within classic colors—metals, tortoiseshell, acetate.

According to many of the reviews we came across, people liked the experience they got with dealing with David Kind. The customer service team and the personal stylist helped consumers find glasses they were really pleased with—and a few people claimed that the lenses were an upgrade from brands like EyeBuyDirect—who, let’s face it, doesn’t have the best customer service

That said, glasses feel almost exempt from the quality expectations—chances are your Warby Parkers will provide you with the same sartorial joy as your David Kinds—both brands don’t have noticeable logos and have a curated selection of modern classics.

It is a guarantee that you will be satisfied with both the products you purchase and the service you receive.

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