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German Efficiency with Hugo Boss

German brand, Hugo Boss has a reputation. The company is known for their smart suits designed for a contemporary man. That said, over the past few years, the brand has shifted its focus—slashing prices and seeking out the younger customer.

Still, Hugo Boss is a go-to source for suits that feel hip, as well as some punchy pieces sure to stand out.

So, Is Hugo Boss a Decent Brand?

The jury is out. The brand caters to the guy that loves his slim-fitting basics punched up a couple of notches. For example, chino pants come in a slim cut, and you have some flashier colors available. Red or teal, anyone?

Regular fit pants still look a lot like their slim cut counterparts. Which could be good, or bad, based on preference. The brand has a contemporary feel you won’t get in stores like Brooks Brothers.

What’s more is, the brand does a lot to court the luxury customer. Shoppers can book consultations with a stylist who will help you select some flattering Boss picks, and you can get a complimentary hemming with any suit purchase, but the customization stops there.

Additionally, online shoppers can pay extra to order clothes and have them Ubered to a convenient location—a la Grubhub—but at the same time, it might be a better use of your extra cash to get a suit that matches your measurements to a T.

The Sub-Brands

The Hugo Boss website features two different lines, the creatively named “Hugo” and “Boss.” Both brands bridge the gap between affordable and designer, but there are some distinct differences between the two. Here’s a little more info:

Hugo appears to target the younger man—featuring extra slim cut suits, graphic tees and high-top sneakers. The graphic designs do not appear to be the line’s strong point—you’ll see “metal-inspired” shirts with an abstracted “Hugo” scrawled across the image.

That said, there are some pieces that better toe the line between trendy and classic. Take these linen trousers, for example. Or this Nylon Field Jacket—which feels really fresh and modern, but probably goes with just about anything you’ve got in your closet already.

We also like this line’s commitment to color. While stuffing your closet with wild hues might not be the most practical, the Hugo line does offer some pieces that bring a nice pop of color to the table.

The Boss line, on the other hand, is a little more classic. Think tailored peacoats, neutral colors, slightly higher prices. Some of our top picks here are the simplest. Take this virgin wool sweater. It’s slim-fitting, comes in a range of flattering jewel tones, and isn’t prohibitively expensive.

Suiting Could Be Better

While we saw some decent picks within the Hugo and Boss lines respectively, the Hugo Boss suiting collection could be better. Don’t get us wrong; the suits look very stylish—most suits are slim-fit and have a modern look. This we like.

However, for the price, it would be nice to see some customization. The store will take care of minor alterations, like shortening the sleeves or hemming your slacks, but you’re buying off the rack here.

We suppose the benefit here is; you can walk out of the store with a suit that same day. But, suits are fused and not canvassed. There’s no 3D body scanner or the option to buy a looser fitting suit unless you size up.

Finally, there’s just not much talk about this brand. For the price, you can go to Brooks Brothers or one of the many MTM options that have been popping up all over the place as of late.

Worth the Money or Not? Final Thoughts on the Boss

Hugo Boss definitely has that rich guy connotation—the image of luxury being a red carpet staple and all that. However, it’s not worth shelling out for old HB unless you’re going to bother to get it tailored.

And look, we’re not ones for buzzy labels and chasing trends, but the brand feels like it’s waned in popularity to some extent. But, some of the criticisms sourced from the annals of the web highlighted some inconsistencies in quality here. Many of the suits aren’t canvassed, for example. This wouldn’t be a huge issue, except for the fact that many of Hugo Boss’ offerings are priced at the designer level.

A lower-priced suit that’s well-fitted looks much better than a higher priced one off the rack. And that’s just a fact of life.

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